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Hardware firewall payment and pricing model
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Hardware firewall payment and pricing model


Depending on the type of balances in the account, united-balance or basic-balance is used for payment.

You can pay for the firewall with different types of funds: basic funds, bonuses or VK bonuses.

Before paying top-up balance.

Payment Model

When you order a hardware firewall, a pricing plan is set for it. It determines the length of the paid period and the amount of the payment. The payment day is set on the day the firewall is handed over, and the first paid period starts with it.

The payment day, payment amount and duration of the paid period can be viewed in control panel on the firewall page → Services tab.

You can change-billing-option-and-payment-day.

When the paid period ends, the firewall is automatically renewed for the same period. If the firewall is no longer needed, dispense with it. If you cancel the service, you can get a refund for full unused months by creating a ticket.

The payment is debited in a lump sum for the entire period. When you pay, the bonuses are deducted first, then the basic funds. The amount charged per fund type is a multiple of the daily cost of the firewall.


For example, a firewall costs 54 ,000 ₽/month, one day costs 1 ,800 ₽. Suppose fixed assets are 60 ,000 ₽ and bonuses are 4 ,000 ₽. Then when you renew the service, 3 600 ₽ in bonuses will be deducted first, and then 50 400 ₽ in basic funds.

Change tariff plan and payment day

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationMesh Screens.
  2. From the menu () of the firewall card, select Change Rate Plan and Payment Day. The default payment day is the day the firewall is turned in. If the firewall was ordered on the first and delivered on the third, the payday will be the third.
  3. Select a new rate plan.
  4. Optional: enter a new payday.
  5. Click Save Changes. The next payday will not change. The payday will only change in the next period.

Blocking resources if there is not enough money on the balance

If there is not enough money on your balance at the time of the charge to pay in full, the firewall will be extended and continue to be charged on a daily basis.

After four days, access to the local network and the Internet is blocked for the firewall, the protected infrastructure behind the screen becomes inaccessible from the Internet. After 10 days, the service is deleted with no possibility of restoration.

Holidays and weekends are not included in the calculation.

If there is not enough money on your balance to pay for the day, the firewall will be charged as a debt. The debt does not burn off after removing the firewall.


For example, the next payment for your firewall costing 54, ,000 ₽/month is July 11, 2023. If your account does not have enough money, the daily cost of the server will be calculated and charged at renewal — 54 000 ₽ ÷ 31 days = 1 732₽. Payments will be charged on a daily basis until the balance is full (minus the days already paid). If payment is not received, LAN and internet access will be blocked for the firewall after four days. After 10 days, the firewall will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

If the money takes a long time to arrive or there is no possibility to top up the balance, legal entities can arrange a deferred payment for up to five days.


The cost of renting a hardware firewall depends on the pool and the model selected.

View prices at.

Reporting documents

After payment, you can receive accounting documents.