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Opt out of the hardware firewall
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Opt out of the hardware firewall

If you do not opt out of the firewall before the last day of the paid period, it will automatically renew and continue to be billed. You can only get a refund for full unused months. Please refer to the Network Equipment Terms of Use for details.

Once the firewall is disabled, all infrastructure protected by the firewall will be unavailable. To avoid an outage, reconfigure traffic to bypass the firewall in advance.

Disable hardware firewall

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and HardwareFirewalls.
  2. From the menu of the firewall, select Disable firewall lease.
  3. Select the reason for the rejection.
  4. Enter the name of the firewall.
  5. Click Reject Rental. The firewall will run until the end of the paid period, at which time you can resume service with your settings intact.
  6. If the firewall was paid for more than one month and you want a refund for the full unused months, create a ticket.

Resume service

  1. In control panel, go to Servers and HardwareMesh Screens.
  2. If the firewall is not listed, it means the balance of the paid perod has expired and it has been removed. Re-order Order firewall and perform the configuration.
  3. If the firewall is listed, select Renew Lease from its menu.
  4. Select a rate plan — 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.
  5. Click Renew Lease. The first payment will be charged when the remaining paid period ends.