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Payment model and prices of a dedicated server
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Payment model and prices of a dedicated server


To pay for a dedicated server, depending on the balance type in the account, single balance or basic balance is used.

You can pay for a dedicated server with different types of funds: basic funds, VK bonuses or bonuses.

Before paying top-up balance.

Payment Model

When ordering a dedicated server, you need to select pricing plan and traffic consumption model for it. The tariff plan determines the length of the paid period and the amount of payment. Traffic consumption model — limits of traffic included in the tariff plan.

The first tariff period starts on the day the dedicated server is handed over. This day will be a payday. The payment day, payment amount and tariff period duration can be viewed in control panel on the server page → Services tab. If necessary, you can change-billing-option-and-payment-day. When the tariff period ends, the server is automatically extended for the same period.


For example, a server is ordered on January 10  2023 with a 6 month plan and a cost of 8 000 ₽/month. The size of the lump sum payment when ordering (including 7% discount) — 44 640 ₽. The server was delivered on January 11  2023. The next payment for such a server will be July 11  2023. The server will be automatically renewed for six months, the payment amount will be calculated based on the cost of the server at the time of renewal.

The payment is debited in a lump sum for the entire period. When paying, the bonuses are deducted first, then the basic funds. If the bonuses are not enough, the balance is deducted from the fixed assets based on the calculation of the daily cost of the server — per day by one type of funds.


For example, a server costs 3 000 ₽/month, one day costs 100 ₽. Let's say the fixed assets are 850 ₽ and the bonuses are 2 450 ₽. Then when you renew the service, 2 400 ₽ in bonuses will be debited first, and then 600 ₽ in basic funds.

When ordering additional services for a dedicated server, they are paid according to payment model for additional services.

If the dedicated server is no longer needed, disable the server.

Rate plans

Types of tariff plans

  • 1 day;
  • 1 month;
  • 3 months — 3% discount;
  • 6 months — 7% discount;
  • 12 months — 15% discount;
  • 12 months, pay monthly — 10% discount. For this plan, an additional agreement for server-reservation is made.

Server redundancy

Server Reservation — a legally enshrined mutual commitment to a guaranteed 10% discount when using a dedicated server for one year. The discount is applied to the configuration price listed on at the time of the monthly server charge.

Reservations are made without prepayment and are subject to the Terms and Conditions for Dedicated Server and Custom Configuration Dedicated Server at Special Price, which are part of the User Agreement.

When the reservation period ends, the server and supplemental agreement will be automatically renewed for another year.

In case of early server abandonment, the main balance will be debited with the cost of the server for the remaining reservation period in accordance with additional agreement.


For example, the cost of a server including the reservation discount is 15 000 ₽/month. The amount for the year will be 180 000 ₽. If you have been using the server for 6 months and have already paid 90 000 ₽ and then decide to cancel — you will need to pay 90 000 ₽ for the remaining period.

If Selectel violates the terms of the contract, you may cancel the server without paying the amount for the remaining reservation period.

Change tariff plan and payment day

For a 12-month tariff with a monthly fee, you cannot change the tariff plan.

If you change the rate plan and payday for a server, the rate plan and payday for its optional services-with-payment-according-to-billing-option will change.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and HardwareServers.
  2. From the server card menu, select Change Rate Plan and Payment Day. The default payment day is the day the server is handed over. If the server was ordered on the first of September and delivered on the third of September, the payment day will be the third day.
  3. Select a new rate plan.
  4. Optional: enter a new payday.
  5. Click Save Changes. The next payday will not change. The payday will only change in the next rate period.

Blocking if there are insufficient funds on the balance

If at the moment of debiting there are not enough funds on the balance for full payment, the server will be extended and continue to be charged daily for some time, depending on the tariff plan:

  • server with tariff plans 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months — after four days the ports of access to the local network and the Internet are blocked, after 10 days it is deleted without the possibility of recovery;
  • server with 1 day tariff plan — access is blocked immediately, after 24 hours it is deleted without possibility of recovery.

Holidays and weekends are not included in the calculation.

If there are not enough funds on the balance to pay for a day, the server will be charged in debt. The debt doesn't burn off after the server is deleted.


For example, the next payment for your server with a 6-month plan and a cost of 8 000 ₽/month is July 11  2023. A lump sum of 48 ,000 ₽ must be debited at renewal. The cost of the server is recalculated when the payment is generated. Let's say it went up to 8 100 ₽/month and you have 48 600 ₽ and you don't have enough money in your account. Then the daily cost of the server — 48 600 ₽ ÷ 182 days = 267 ₽ will be calculated and charged at renewal. Payments will be charged on a daily basis until the balance is full (minus the days already paid). If payment is not received, LAN and internet access ports will be blocked for the server after four days. After 10 days, the server and all data on it will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

If the money takes a long time to arrive or there is no possibility to top up the balance, legal entities can arrange a deferred payment for up to five days.


You can view and calculate the cost of a dedicated server at or in control panel.

Reporting documents

After payment, you can get reporting documents.