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Product Description Dedicated Servers
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Product Description Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a physical server of prebuilt or custom configuration whose computing resources are isolated and available to only one client. Servers are hosted in Selectel data centers in different pools.

Types of server configurations:

  • prebuilt configuration servers — assembled and rack-mounted in advance. After ordering, the server will be available for operation from two minutes (not including time for OS installation);
  • servers of custom configuration — are assembled on our assembly from the components selected in the configurator. When ordering, you can choose any configuration to suit your application. Server preparation takes two to five business days.

When ordering a dedicated server the following is provided:

  • server computing resources;
  • Internet connection with speed or traffic accounting scheme;
  • public IPv4 address;
  • connection to a private network (except for some Chipcore Line servers);
  • KVM console for remote server management (for Chipcore Line servers when ordering the additional service IP KVM for 3 hours);
  • system of automatic OS installation and server booting in recovery mode;
  • replacement of failed components and entire servers;
  • 24 / 7 technical support.

There is no access to the BIOS settings. Servers are commissioned with optimal settings and maximum performance. Any tampering can cause unstable operation and accelerated wear and tear, and will disable automatic OS installation and disk cleanup.

The product supports user types and roles.

Once the server is handed over, you can order additional services.

Areas of responsibility

Selectel is responsible for uninterrupted power supply to the equipment, microclimate, service, LAN and Internet connections. To configure and maintain server software order services administration services.