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Compliance of the dedicated server with 152-FZ
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Compliance of the dedicated server with 152-FZ

Dedicated servers of all types of configurations by default comply with the requirements of 152-FZ for processing personal data of security level 3 and 4.

If mandatory attestation, use of certified security features only, or processing of personal data of security level 1 and 2 is required — located in an certified data center segment. You can determine the desired level of data security at.

When the project is hosted on a dedicated server, the requirements of 152-FZ for IT infrastructure and physical security are complied with. They're in Selectel's area of responsibility. To store and process Level 3 and Level 4 personal data, fulfill the requirements at the system and application software level and issue a personal data processing order.

Areas of responsibility

Selectel is not responsible for server system and application software, server configuration and information security.

Selectel complies with the requirements and ensures safety:

  • at the physical level: security and fire alarm systems, access control and management systems, video surveillance, redundancy of engineering systems;
  • at the infrastructure level: network services;
  • administrator workstations.

More details on the areas of responsibility in the document "Act of assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken to ensure the security of personal data for the 3rd level of protection".

Order for personal data processing

To conclude a personal data processing order create a ticket.

We will prepare the order and send it to you for signature: in paper form or via EDI.