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Service Description Data Storage System
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Service Description Data Storage System

A data storage system (DSS) is a fault-tolerant complex of hardware and software designed to store and manage large amounts of data at high data transfer rates. Data transfer speed is measured in IOPS, which is the number of read and write operations per second.

Depending on the size of your data, the tasks to be performed, and privacy settings, it can be stored in storage logical unit (LUN) or on dedicated storage.

Storage can be connected to one or more dedicated servers.

LUN can only be connected to dedicated servers of custom configuration with 2 x 10 GE + MC-LAG to SAN network 10 Gbit/s. The server must be in the same pool as the storage LUN.

Tasks to be solved

LUN storage is used for deploying your own virtualization system, working with hot backups, databases and media files.

Dedicated storage is used to handle large amounts of data.


Storage LUN — a software isolated, pre-configured part of a dedicated storage. Logical units of the same storage system can be allocated to different clients, and common network interfaces are used for connection.

We allocate a LUN to the Huawei OceanStor Dorado 5,000 V6 storage from the all flash lineup. Its performance figures are 8,000/ 8,000 IOPS per TB of data.

The performance of each LUN depends on its capacity. The bigger it is, the higher the performance. Change LUN volume can be changed at any time.

Dedicated storage

Dedicated storage — hardware isolated storage with no pre-configuration. Dedicated network interfaces are used to connect to it.

The parameters of the storage system and its manufacturer are selected individually.

Areas of responsibility

Selectel ensures the uptime and availability of the storage system.

For LUN storage, we are responsible for administration and pre-configuration. For more information, see Terms of Use for Selected Services: LUN Storage.

Selectel is not responsible for the configuration and administration of dedicated storage.If you need help with the administration and configuration of dedicated storage, order service administration services.