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Combine a server in an A-DC and a dedicated server from different pools into a private network
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Combine a server in an A-DC and a dedicated server from different pools into a private network

To privately network a server in A-DC and a dedicated server from different pools the Selectel global router is used.

To connect to a global router, the dedicated server and FortiGatee must be connected to LAN switches in their pool and have a local VLAN assigned to their ports. Dedicated servers (except some Chipcore Line) are connected to LAN switches by default. The FortiGate will connect to LAN switches at no charge when organizing the network through a global router.

Global router network diagram between the server in the A-DC and the dedicated server:

Organize a private network via a global router

  1. Create a ticket to connect the FortiGate in the A data center to the LAN. In the ticket, specify:

    • FortiGate number in the A data center. The number is listed in the device card in control panel in the format (neXXX);
    • The local port number on the FortiGate unit to connect to the LAN switch and the VLAN for that port.
  2. In control panel, select global router or create a new one.

  3. Connect network and subnets to global router to the dedicated server and to the FortiGate in the A data center. When creating a network to FortiGate, select the Dedicated Server service and specify the desired VLAN.

  4. Configure FortiGate.

  5. Configure a dedicated server.

  6. Wait for the connection message.

Configure FortiGate

  1. Open the FortiGate GUI.
  2. Create and configure a local interface with a dedicated subnet. To do this, go to NetworkInterfaces.
  3. Click Create NewInterface.
  4. Specify Type — Software Switch.
  5. In the Address field, enter the IP address from the private subnet (for example:
  6. In the Interface members field, add the physical port that is connected to the server in the A data center.
  7. Add a static route to the neighboring segment on the local interface. To do this, go to NetworkStatic Routes.
  8. Click Create NewIPv4 Static Route.
  9. Enter the CIDR of the neighboring segment in the Destination field.
  10. In the Gateway Address field, enter the IP gateway address. This address is also specified when creating a subnet for the FortiGatee in the Control Panel.
  11. In the Interface field, specify the local interface that was previously created.

Set up a dedicated server

  1. Configure local ports to work with the created global router subnet:

    Change network settings on a dedicated server. You do not need to boot the server in Rescue mode and mount the OS file system.

  2. Write routes.