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Private network a server in an A-DC and a dedicated server from the same pool
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Private network a server in an A-DC and a dedicated server from the same pool

Within the same pool, a server hosted in an A data center and a dedicated server can be combined into a private (local) network at the L2 level.

Network connectivity is provided through the FortiGate, which is housed in the A data center, and Selectel networking equipment.

The dedicated server and firewall are connected to Selectel LAN switches and a common VLAN is assigned to their ports. Direct switching with the FortiGate is only possible for servers that are located in the A data center.

Dedicated servers (except some Chipcore Line servers) are connected to Selectel LAN switches by default and are included in a dedicated VLAN. You can see which VLAN is assigned to a port in the control panel on the server page → Ports tab. The server in the A data center does not connect to Selectel LAN switches by default, but connects directly to the FortiGate.

When you request to LAN a dedicated server and a server in the A data center, the FortiGate is assigned a port on the Selectel LAN switch and assigned the same VLAN as the dedicated server. The port for the FortiGate is allocated free of charge.

A private network scheme between a server in the A data center and a dedicated server:

Private network a server in A-DC and a dedicated server

  1. In control panel, create a ticket requesting a private network between devices. Specify:
    • identifier of the dedicated server;
    • FortiGate firewall number in the A data center. The number is listed in the device card in control panel in the format (neXXX);
    • The local port number on the FortiGate unit to connect to.
  2. Wait for an answer about organizing a private network in a ticket.
  3. Configure FortiGate.
  4. Configure a dedicated server.

Configure FortiGate

Configure the IPv4 address of the private network to be used as the default gateway.

  1. Open the FortiGate web interface.
  2. Go to NetworkInterfaces.
  3. Click Create NewInterface to create a new logical interface.
  4. Specify Type — Software Switch.
  5. In the Address field, specify the desired IP address from the private subnet (for example
  6. In the Interface members field, add the physical ports that have connectivity:
    • to a server in the A data center, which is aggregated into a private network;
    • to a Selectel LAN switch.

Set up a dedicated server

The LAN for the dedicated server is fed to the network interface with the highest MAC address value.

  1. On the network interface of the dedicated server, configure a private IPv4 from the private subnet range that is specified in the Address field when configuring the FortiGate unit.
  2. Set the FortiGate interface address as the default gateway.