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Fault-tolerant load balancer payment and pricing model
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Fault-tolerant load balancer payment and pricing model


To pay for the fault-tolerant load balancer, depending on the balance type in the account, united-balance or basic-balance is used.

You can pay for the fail-safe load balancer with different types of funds: basic funds or bonuses and VK bonuses.

Before ordering, top-up balance.

Payment Model

Fault-tolerant load balancer is charged monthly according to the selected pricing plan. The payday is set on the day the balancer is handed over, and with this the first paid month begins. The fee for the second and subsequent months is automatically deducted from balance.

Not enough money in the balance

If there is not enough money in your balance to pay for the next month's service, we will send you a notice to top-up balance. The service will be disconnected on the first day after the end of the paid period.

If the money takes a long time to arrive or there is no possibility to top up the balance, legal entities can arrange a deferred payment for up to five days. Additionally, you can enable balance notifications and set up auto-replenishment.


The cost of the balancer depends on the selected channel width — 20, 50, 100 or 1,000 Mbps. View prices at

Reporting documents

After payment, you can receive accounting documents.