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Announce PI prefix
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Announce PI prefix

PI announcement allows you to use your block of PI (provider-independent) IP addresses. In this case, the PI prefix IP addresses are announced through Selectel's AS (autonomous system).

Announcement Schemes

One of the circuits can be used for connection:

  • direct — available for IPv4 subnets only. No gateway is required on your equipment: the prefix is announced via the Selectel AS.
  • static — available for both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. The gateway for the subnet is your router and must be in the Selectel address subspace.

Announce PI prefix for dedicated server

  1. Make sure you have:

    • PI IP subnet (minimum size of /24 for IPv4 or /48 for IPv6);
    • dedicated VLAN;
    • created in the RIPE DB route-object of the announced PI network. The origin field contains AS Selectel number depending on the region: St. Petersburg — AS49505, Moscow — AS50340.
  2. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationNetwork.

  3. Click Announce PI prefix.

  4. Select the subnet type: IPv4 or IPv6.

  5. Enter the PI subnet in CIDR notation.

  6. If you selected the IPv4 subnet type, define the announcement scheme:

    • static — check the box Use my router as gateway and specify next-hop.
    • direct — don't check the box. Select a region and pool (the subnet will be available to all resources in this pool, you cannot move the subnet to another pool) and VLAN (the subnet will be available only to resources in this VLAN, the subnet can be moved between VLANs in the selected pool).
  7. If you selected the IPv6 subnet type, specify next-hop.

  8. Select a payment period and check the total cost.

  9. Click Pay. We will send a ticket when the connection is ready.