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Set up DNS balancing
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Set up DNS balancing

For your information

We have released [a new version of DNS hosting (actual)]( /) and stop supporting and developing legacy version. Domains and resource records in DNS hosting (legacy) continue to work, we will warn you in advance about the termination of their work.

We recommend moving domains to DNS hosting (actual) now to avoid disruption of sites when DNS hosting (legacy) is disabled.

If you have registered after January 30th, only [DNS hosting (actual)] is available to you ( /).

To distribute site requests between multiple servers, you can [create additional A-records] (#add-additional-a-record) with the IP addresses of the servers. We recommend using no more than 5-10 A-records at a time.

The IP address to which the request will be sent is determined using the Round Robin algorithm, a round-robin algorithm. The first request is sent to the first IP address in the A-record list, then the next request is sent to the next, and so on to the end of the list. Then the request direction starts over.

Add an additional A-record

  1. In the control panel go to the DNS section.
  2. Open the zone page.
  3. In the menu of the A-record group, select Edit.
  4. Click Add Value
  5. Enter a value.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Wait for the resource record to propagate to the DNS servers. The propagation time can take from the TTL of the group up to 72 hours. The TTL of the resource record group can be viewed in the [control panel]( /) in the DNS section on the zone page.
  8. Optional: check the resource record. If the resource record has not appeared on the DNS servers 72 hours after creation, create a ticket.