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General information about DNS hosting service
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General information about DNS hosting service

For your information

We have released new version of DNS hosting (actual) and are discontinuing support and development of legacy version (legacy). We recommend move domains to DNS-hosting (actual) now to avoid disruption of sites when DNS hosting (legacy) goes down.

Domains and resource records in DNS hosting (legacy) continue to work, we will warn you in advance if they are discontinued.

If you registered after January 30, only DNS hosting (actual) is available to you.

With the DNS hosting service, you can delegate management of domain resource records to authoritative Selectel NS servers.

It is possible to work with DNS hosting:

The service supports user types and roles. The DNS hosting (actual) also supports cloud platform projects.

For domains in DNS hosting (legacy), you can configure Let's Encrypt® certificates to be automatically issued and renewed.

Authoritative servers

The service runs four authoritative NS servers:

  • The NS servers of DNS hosting (actual) are,,,;
  • DNS hosting (legacy) NS servers are,,,

Servers are protected by a firewall against DDoS attacks. Requests to authoritative servers are balanced within each data center and between data centers, so DNS hosting will handle requests as long as at least one authoritative server is running.


The service is provided free of charge in addition to other paid products or services. To access the service, complete registration and top-up balance with a minimum amount of 100 ₽.


Selectel DNS cannot be used as Secondary DNS.

DNS hosting does not limit the number of zones (domains) that can be added to the hosting, nor the number of resource records for a domain.