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Set up an Internet connection from a third-party carrier

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You can only connect Internet from a third-party carrier to a dedicated or hosted server.

  1. Make sure to connect Direct Connect service — physical port.
  2. Assign a VLAN with an operator port to your server's local port.
  3. Configure the private network interface.

1. Check service connection

Check that you received a VLAN number in the ticket ordering the service and that this VLAN appears in Control PanelServers and colocationNetworkVLAN tab.

2. Assign a VLAN to the local port of the server

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationNetwork.
  2. Open the VLAN tab.
  3. On the port line, click .
  4. Select the VLAN whose number you received when service order.
  5. Click Configure.

3. Configure the network interface of the private network

  1. Connect to the server via SSH or via KVM-console.

  2. Open the netplan utility configuration file with the vi text editor:

    vi /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml
  3. Add or change values for the network interface settings of the private network:

    addresses: [<ip_address>/<mask>]
    gateway4: <gateway>


    • <eth_name> is the name of the network interface of the private network;
    • <ip_address>/<mask> — the public IP address of the server with the subnet mask specified, for example, You request the address for the server yourself from the operator;
    • <gateway> is the IP address of the gateway on the operator's subnet, for example, You request the gateway address from the operator yourself.
  4. Press the ESC key.

  5. Exit the vi text editor with the changes saved:

  6. Apply the configuration:

    netplan apply
  7. Optional: reboot the server.