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General information about the Direct Connect service
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General information about the Direct Connect service

Direct Connect is the connection of the external network infrastructure to the infrastructure within Selectel. With Direct Connect, you can connect equipment in a Selectel data center to equipment on-premise or in another data center, and connect to telecom operator in a Selectel data center.

If you need to establish a connection to a global cloud platform — AWS, Alibaba Cloud and others, use the Global Connect service.

The service is provided in two types:

  • physical-port (port to a third-party carrier) — rent a port on a Selectel Access Switch. Suitable for connecting a dedicated or hosted server to the Internet from a third-party operator, this will allow you to use your own Internet channel, IP addressing and traffic management (billing);
  • logical-port — Lease a ready connection between Selectel and partner carriers.

Selectel's infrastructure may include dedicated and cloud servers, cloud databases, Managed Kubernetes, file storage, hosted hardware, Cloud powered by VMware.

Working principle

Physical port

A port on a Selectel access switch is provided. The service provider channel that leads to your external infrastructure or provides an Internet connection is connected to this port. The Hardware used to establish the connection depends on the bandwidth — 1 or 10 Gbps.

Network connectivity between the carrier and your equipment within the Selectel infrastructure is provided through global router.

You choose your own operator, rent and pay for the communication channel. The selected operator must be present at the site where your external infrastructure is located and in the availability zone where the Selectel switch is located.

Selectel switches are installed not only in our data centers, but also at third-party sites where most of the well-known telecom operators are represented:

  • St. Petersburg — Miran data center and Raduga business center;
  • Moscow — MMTS-9.

If your external infrastructure is located at one of these sites, you have access to a direct connection to the infrastructure within Selectel, without leasing a channel from a service provider.


  • 1 Gbps — RJ45 copper interface and copper crossing is provided. If you need an optical port, choose the Direct Connect service, a 10Gbps physical port;
  • 10 Gbps — Optical interface and optical crossing is provided. If you need a copper port, choose Direct Connect service — a 1Gbps physical port.

10G optical transceivers are used:

  • SFP-10G SFP+ LR transceiver (module);
  • SFP-10G-WDM (BiDi) SFP+ LR WDM Tx1270/Rx1330 LC transceiver (module);
  • SFP-10G-WDM (BiDi) SFP+ LR WDM Tx1330/Rx1270 LC transceiver (module).

One of the 1G transceivers is also available on request for 10Gbps:

  • SFP-1G SFP LR transceiver (module);
  • SFP-1G-WDM (BiDi) SFP LR WDM Tx1310/Rx1550 LC transceiver (module);
  • SFP-1G-WDM transceiver (module) SFP-1G-WDM (BiDi) SFP LR WDM Tx1550/Rx1310 LC.

Logical port

A ready-made private connection between Selectel and the partner operator is provided, RETN and MSK-IX operators are available. The connection is pre-raised, reserved, high bandwidth and is only used to enable Direct Connect services.

Network connectivity in the connection between the partner infrastructure and Selectel is provided via a dedicated VLAN, and within the Selectel infrastructure via global-router.


Physical port

The cost of Direct Connect — physical port service depends on:

  • Selectel switch location — in Selectel's own DC or at a third-party site;
  • port speeds — 1 or 10 Gbps;
  • the need to reserve a channel.

Prices for Direct Connect — Physical Port service listed on the website.

If you need a carrier channel or crossover to connect to a physical port, these services are charged separately.

Logical port

The cost of Direct Connect — logical port service depends on the port speed — 1 or 10 Gbps. Prices for Direct Connect service can be viewed at

Telecom operators in Selectel data centers

RegionAvailability zoneOperators
St. PetersburgAvailability zone 1 (Tsvetochnaya group of data centers)
  • Aihome
  • Alliance-M
  • AT&T
  • Buran-Telecom
  • VIVA
  • VimpelCom
  • Vell Telecom
  • Gigabit Internet #1
  • GlobalNet
  • IT-Region
  • Koltushsky Internet
  • Comfortel
  • LinKey
  • MaximaTelecom NW
  • Megafon
  • MSS
  • MTS
  • Nevalink
  • New Line Telecom
  • OBIT
  • Orange Business Services
  • OtradnoeNet
  • P.A.K.T.
  • PETER A.I.X.
  • Rascom
  • RetnNet
  • Rostelecom
  • RTKomm.RU
  • Severen-Telecom
  • Selektel
  • Web Networks
  • Citilink
  • SkyNet
  • Smart Telecom
  • Tashir Telecom
  • Telecompass
  • Telia Carrier Russia
  • TransTeleCom
  • Unitel
  • Filanko SPb
  • WEST COLL SPb Branch of ER-Telecom Holding JSC
  • Center for the Implementation of State Educational Policy and Information Technologies (FGAOU DPO CRGOP and IT)
  • Elitel Telecom Group
  • ER-Telecom Holding
  • JupiterTelecom


  • MSC-IX
  • Cloud-IX
  • DataIX
  • Global-IX
  • W-ix
Availability Zone 2 (Dubrovka group of data centers)Connection to operators of availability zone 1 is available

Availability Zone 1 (Berzarina group of data centers)

  • Avantel
  • Aihome
  • DataLine
  • Kvidex-Telecom
  • Comfortel
  • Moscow Telecommunications Corporation
  • MTS
  • Natuan Rus
  • Relcom
  • RetnNet
  • Telecom Exchange
  • Unitel
  • UL-COM