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Create a CDN resource
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Create a CDN resource

A CDN resource is a grouped set of settings for distributing content cached on the CDN provider's servers.

Create a CDN resource

  1. In Control Panel, go to CDNCDN Resources.

  2. Click Create CDN resource.

  3. Enter the name of the resource.

  4. Select a provider. Note the distinctive features of providers.

  5. Specify the source of the content — this can be your site or container in Selectel Object Storage. To do this, specify Domain or IP address in the Domain or IP address field:

    • for website — the IP address or domain of your website (for example,;
    • for a container in object storage is container-public-domain. You can view the domain in control panel: section Object StorageContainers → container page → Domains tab.
  6. If you have selected the Akamai provider, enter a name for the domain.

  7. Click Create CDN resource. The CDN provider will create a default-domain (like * for Selectel or * for Akamai) from which to distribute content. You can view the default domain on the CDN resource page. After creating a resource, you can connect a personal domain.

Features of Selectel and Akamai providers

Points of PresenceSelectel Points of PresenceAkamai Points of Presence
Available domain typesDomain by defaults to of the * kind.Personal domainDomain by defaults to of the form * domain
Available SSL Certificates for distribution over HTTPSLet's Encrypt® Certificate
  • Personal SSL Certificate;
  •  Let's Encrypt certificate (issued for all resource domains at once)
Service certificateYou cannot add an SSL certificate