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Optimize delivery of large files
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Optimize delivery of large files

The option cannot be used if compression on CDN servers or compression-on-source is enabled for the resource.

The option is used to speed up caching of large files. All files larger than 10MB will be requested from the source in installments as user requests come in. For example, a 56 MB file will be split into six parts: five 10 MB parts and the last one is the remaining 6 MB.

If the optimization option is enabled and you have updated the file — you need to clear cache so that users get the current version.

  1. Ensure that requests with the Range HTTP header are supported on the source.
  2. In Control Panel, go to CDNCDN Resources.
  3. Open the CDN resource page → Settings tab.
  4. Open the Content card.
  5. Check the Optimize delivery of large files checkbox.
  6. Click Save. The optimization will work within 30 minutes.