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DDoS Guard website protection and acceleration
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DDoS Guard website protection and acceleration

Web site protection and acceleration — a solution based on a partner product from DDoS-Guard.

The service allows you to block attacks on web applications and sites, and accelerate your application or site using CDN and load balancing.

The service is provided independently and does not require the network level protection service to be connected.


For connection you can choose one of the tariffs: Normal, Medium, Premium, Enterprise.

The main differences between the tariffs are:

  • number of protected domains;
  • number of servers for load balancing;
  • number of rules to restrict access by IP addresses.

The filter bandwidth and traffic volume, including legitimate traffic, are not limited. If the number of rules provided in the tariff is not enough for you, you can purchase an additional package of rules by creating a ticket.

To see prices for DDoS Guard protection and acceleration of DDoS sites, visit

The united-balance or basic-balance is used to pay for the service depending on the balance type in the account. When ordering the service, the payment for the first period is deducted from the balance, further payments are deducted automatically on the first day of each month. The commencement of commercial use of the service is agreed upon on an individual basis.

Working principle

When you order the service, you are given a secure address to which you need to redirect your traffic. All traffic to the protected address is sent to DDoS Guard filtering nodes, where it is analyzed and cleaned, and then redirected to the protected server in Selectel infrastructure.

The protection works with HTTP and HTTPS requests only on ports 80 and 443, requests on other ports are not processed.

Connecting the service will not protect against a DDoS attack if the attackers know the target IP address. Before connecting, you must remove any mention of IP addresses you want to protect from external resources. If addresses are already under attack, you need to order a new subnet and configure it on your servers.

Connect the service

The minimum connection time is 1-2 days. If you need protection urgently — create a ticket, specify the domain and IP address to be protected and your email for registration in DDoS Guard personal cabinet. After creating a ticket, call us.

  1. If the domain IP address is already known to attackers, order and configure a new subnet.
  2. Order DDoS Guard website protection and acceleration service.
  3. Specify a protected address in the A-record of the domain.

1. Order and configure a new subnet

A new subnet is required if your servers are already under attack, i.e. the target IP address is already known to the attackers.

Order a subnet and configure the address from it on the server:

2. Order the service

  1. In Control Panel, go to Network ServicesDDDoS Protection.

  2. Click Service Order.

  3. In the line of the desired tariff DDoS Guard. Website Protection and Acceleration (Normal, Medium, Premium, Enterprise) click Pay.

  4. Check the data.

  5. Click Pay for Services.

  6. We will create and send a ticket about the service order.

  7. In this ticket, send us:

    • a domain that needs to be put under protection;
    • IP address of the domain. You can specify multiple IP addresses if they point to the same domain and you need load balancing between them;
    • email to register in the DDoS Guard personal cabinet.
  8. We will process the order and send you the login details for DDoS Guard to the email you specified in the ticket at step 7. Connection takes up to one business day.

3. Specify a secure IP address in the A-record of the domain

  1. Go to DDoS Guard personal account.
  2. Enter the login and password you received in your email.
  3. Open the Site Protection and Acceleration service page.
  4. Open the Domains tab.
  5. In the Protected IP field, copy the protected IP address.
  6. Go to your domain registrar's control panel where your domain records are stored.
  7. In A-records, change the value to the secure IP address you looked up in your personal account. If the A-record is not for web traffic, such as a mail or FTP server, do not change its value.
  8. If AAAA records are specified for the domain, delete them. DDoS Guard does not work with IPv6 addresses, they can be attacked to bypass the protection.
  9. If you want to protect subdomains, add an A-record with a protected IP address for each. You can protect an unlimited number of subdomains.

Set up the service

Once the service is activated, you can customize it yourself: issue an SSL certificate, connect CDN and traffic balancing, configure access by IP addresses or countries.

To configure, log in to DDoS Guard personal account, there you can also change the protected domain and its IP address, as well as change the profile data. To access your personal cabinet, use the data from the email you received when ordering a service.

Configuration instructions are available in the official DDoS Guard documentation.

Deactivate the service

  1. Make sure you reconfigure to accept traffic to an address on your subnet. The protected address issued when the service was activated will be deactivated along with the protection.
  2. Go to your domain registrar's control panel where your domain records are stored.
  3. In the domain A record, change the value to an address from your subnet.
  4. In Control Panel, go to Network ServicesDDDoS Protection.
  5. From the services menu, select Disable Monthly Payment.