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General product information Data Processing Platform
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General product information Data Processing Platform

Big Data Platform — a solution based on the partner product ITS Data Processing Platform and hosted on Selectel servers. The platform is designed to collect, store and prepare for analyzing large amounts of data.

You can build a platform from scratch on Selectel servers or modernize your data platform with a move to Selectel servers.

The solution includes:

  • selection, provision and maintenance of Selectel servers;
  • deployment and customization of the platform to your requirements;
  • platform maintenance and monitoring.

Connect platform

To connect the platform leave a request at We will select platform-configuration and calculate cost.

Platform configuration

A minimum of four dedicated servers are required to host the platform. The operating system is CentOS 7.

Platform components utilize free software and technology to work with big data and build analytical systems.

Platform Components
Platform Components

  • Apache Kafka (version 2.4.1) is a batch broker for real-time message delivery;
  • Apache Spark (version 2.4.7) is a real-time streaming framework;
  • Apache Airflow is software for creating, monitoring, and batch processing data;
  • Apache Hadoop (version 2.10.1) is a framework for distributed processing of large amounts of data in clusters of computers;
  • Greenplum (version 6.9.0) is a relational DBMS with massively parallel architecture for storing structured data;
  • ClickHouse is a columnar analytic DBMS for real-time big data processing;
  • Apache Superset is a web application for creating reports and dashboards based on ready-made queries.


Money for using the platform is deducted from your balance every month. Before using the platform top-up balance.

The cost of the platform depends on the number of servers and will be calculated after processing the application and selecting the configuration.