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Federations and federated users
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Federations and federated users

The credential federations allow you to configure authentication in the control panel using Single Sign-On (SSO) technology. With this authentication method, user data is stored with your Identity Provider (e.g., Keycloak, ADFS, and other SAML-compliant providers).

To work with federations, credential providers must support the SAML 2.0 protocol.

You can configure up to 10 federations for access through different vendor accounts.

Federations can be managed through the control panel and through the IAM API.

Federated users

To use federations, a separate user type is created — federates, which are a subtype of control-panel users. A federated user can be assigned the same roles as dashboard users.

Federated users authenticate to the Selectel Control Panel by SSO just as they do when logging into their organization's corporate systems. When authenticating, the user is taken to an authorization page with the credential provider — they do not need to have a separate account for Selectel and enter a username and password each time they log into the control panel.

The federated user login and password are not stored in Selectel.

A federated user does not have access to the API.