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Get a refund
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Get a refund

If the account has balances by service type, transfer all fixed assets to the principal balance.

Refund of unused money upon termination of the contract

You can return the balance of basic funds on the account balance. Refunds are processed within five business days. If the bank requests additional information or documents to support the payment, we will contact you via ticket. In this case, the repayment period will increase.

The amount of fixed assets on the balance sheet may not match the amount on the reconciliation statement. The variance arises from funds that have already been debited for services but not yet closed with documents, as the paid period of services rendered does not coincide with the calendar month. The reconciliation statement will show these funds as owed, but in fact they have already been spent on services.

When refunding a balance paid by bank card, we may additionally request a copy of the bank statement for the card.

For a partial refund or to cancel an entire payment, create a ticket and attach:

Return bank card payment

You can make a refund on a card payment no later than six months from the date of payment. The card used to make this payment must be valid at the time of the refund. If the card is no longer valid, a refund will need to be made using the standard procedure.

The term of crediting money to the card depends on the issuing bank.

Refunds are only available for accounts registered to individuals.

For a partial refund or to cancel an entire card payment, create a ticket and specify:

  • the payment system through which the payment was made;
  • the amount of the refund;
  • transaction number and date (the number is indicated in the letter that arrives from at the moment of payment).

Transfer money to third parties

You can't return the money to a third party. The money is returned only to the account owner (the person with whom the contract was concluded).

An exception is cases of reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity, in which the rights and obligations of the account holder may be transferred to third parties by virtue of law and/or on the basis of legally significant documents.