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Working with the user agreement
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Working with the user agreement

The User Agreement is a public offer. This means that when you sign up for an account and top up or activate a service, you agree to the terms and enter into a user agreement electronically.

According to the law, it is not necessary to sign a user agreement on paper. If you need a document that verifies that we provide products and services to you, create a ticket. We will prepare a contract information letter and send it in hard copy to or via electronic document management (EDM) system.

We reserve the right to make changes to user agreement if there are changes in the law or in our internal processes.

Renew-user-agreement cannot be transferred to another person.

The User Agreement is automatically renewed annually and is valid until either party terminates.

Enter into a user agreement

The User Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded after:

  1. control-panel-actions/account/registration.mdx;
  2. top-up balance or connecting the service (including if we connect the service at your request).

The user agreement number and date are assigned immediately after registration in the control panel. The user agreement number corresponds to the account number. You can view the account number in the upper right corner of the control panel. The date of the user agreement corresponds to the date of registration. To find out the date of registration, create a ticket.

Changing the User Agreement

We reserve the right to amend the User Agreement if there are changes in the law or in our internal processes.

If we make changes, we will send you a notice in your dashboards 15 calendar days before the changes take effect.

If you do not agree with the changes and wish to cancel your services, within 10 calendar days of notification of the changes, create a ticket and notify us of your termination. The User Agreement will terminate when the new terms take effect.

The current version of the User Agreement can be found at under Documents. The agreement specifies the version of the document and the effective date of that version. Previous versions of the documents are available in the archive.

Reissue User Agreement

You cannot reassign a user agreement to another person, you must enter into a new agreement for another account. If you want to continue using the services, transfer them to a new account.

Terminate User Agreement

The User Agreement is automatically renewed annually and is valid until terminated by either party.

Upon termination of the user agreement, we will delete the account. You can't restore the account.

To terminate the user agreement:

If the legal entity to which the account is registered is dissolved, the User Agreement is terminated. When we receive information about the legal entity liquidation from you through a ticket or through official sources, we will delete the account. We will send you a notification in a ticket before deleting your account.