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Registration in the control panel
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Registration in the control panel

You can manage Selectel products through the control panel or through the API . You can register an account in the Selectel Control Panel via, which will create a user with the role Account Owner. Additional account users can sign-up by invitation.

The data you enter when registering will be listed in your profile. The dataset depends on account type and user role. For details on how to change user and role data, see the Change user data or role and Change profile data instructions.

If you encounter any problems during registration, please contact Technical Support

Account Types

When you sign up, you can choose your account type:

  • personal — for individuals;
  • business — for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and government agencies.

The account type and country of residence determine the available top-up methods. You cannot change your account type once you have registered.

Register via

After registration a new account will be created, the registered user will be assigned the role Account Owner.

  1. At in the upper right corner, click Register.
  2. Fill out the enrollment form.
  3. Click Register.
  4. We will send an email with a confirmation link to the email provided.
  5. In the email, click Confirm Mail. The confirmation link can be clicked once. If you've clicked it before, log in to your account and continue filling out your profile. If you have forgotten your password, restore access to the account.
  6. Select the country of residence.
  7. Define account type. You can't change the type later.
  8. Enter the requested data.
  9. Confirm you agree to the terms and conditions and click Continue.
  10. Enter your phone number and confirm your consent to use it.
  11. Press Request Code.
  12. Enter the code you received.
  13. For the Account Owner, two-step authentication is automatically enabled.

Register by invitation

Invite a new user to an account can be the Account Owner or User Administrator. Once invited, the user will receive an email with an account number and a confirmation link. User Role is defined by the user who sends the invitation.

  1. In the email, click Confirm Mail.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press Continue.
  4. Enter the requested data. The phone number must be unique within the same account — there cannot be two users with the same phone number in the same account.
  5. Press Request Code.
  6. We will send a text message to the phone number provided.
  7. Enter the code you received.
  8. The two-step authentication is automatically enabled for the invited user.