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Electronic document management
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Electronic document management

What is EDI

Organizations use electronic versions instead of paper documents. With the help of electronic document management (hereinafter referred to as EDI) it is possible to send any type of documents. Authenticity is confirmed by electronic signature — documents have the same legal force as paper documents. There is no expiration date for electronic documents.

There is no charge to receive the documents. You only have to pay for shipping. In the normal course of business, Selectel customers do not need to send us documents.

For your information

EDI is not available if you have selected UZS currency.

Why you need EDI

The handover time is reduced from a month-and-a-half to one day. In fact, we'll be able to hand over the documents in just a few minutes.

An electronic copy can be accessed at any time — no more worrying about the safety of paper copies.

Documents are guaranteed to reach the recipient on time — there is no risk that the letter will be lost or delayed in the post.

How to start EDI with Selectel

The organization already uses EDI

So this company already has an EDI operator — we work with the operators listed in list.

To start EDI with Selectel, select EDI as the method of receiving accounting documents.

The organization does not yet use EDI

In order to fully utilize EDI, a company needs to obtain a key certificate to validate the electronic signature. Certificates are issued by accredited certification centers — the list is available on the website of the Ministry of Communications.

If an organization does not have a key, it will only be able to receive, but not send, electronic documents. Thus, Selectel customers do not need to obtain a key certificate to receive documents from us.

If you do not have a key but would like to receive documents from Selectel via EDI — create a ticket and select the subject line Balance, Payment and Reporting. We can help you connect your company to the Diadok electronic document management system that we use ourselves.

Signing of documents for transition to EDI

No documents need to be signed in order to switch to EDI.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 6 of Law 63-FZ "Information in electronic form signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES) is recognized as an electronic document equivalent to a paper document signed with a handwritten signature". Thus, when signed with a CEP, an electronic document is recognized as legally significant at the level of federal law without any additional conditions being met.

Consent to switch from paper to electronic document management may be given orally or in writing, or by means of conclusory actions, i.e. actions expressing the person's will to establish a legal relationship. An example of such consent is to accept an invitation to be added as an EDI counterparty in Diadoc.

Selectel's services are provided under a user agreement, which is a contract of offer, more. There are no changes to the documents of this kind and signing of an additional agreement is not foreseen, as the form and terms of service provision are the same for all our customers.

You may choose the method of obtaining documents yourself an unlimited number of times during the entire term of the User Agreement (contract). There is no need to document the change to the new method of receipt.