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You can use the go-selvpcclient library and the python-selvpcclient console client to work with Cloud Management API and Cloud Quota Management API: cloud platform projects, quotas, and other objects.

Install go-selvpcclient

The go-selvpcclient package contains the Go library.

To see examples of how to use the library, see selvpcclient documentation at

  1. Download the package:

    go get
  2. Create a service user for authentication.

Install python-selvpcclient

The python-selvpcclient package contains the selvpc CLI console client.

See examples of how to use the selvpc CLI in the selvpcclient documentation on GitHub.

  1. Get Selectel token (API key).

  2. Set environment variables:

    export SEL_TOKEN=<selectel_token>
    export SEL_URL=
    export SEL_API_VERSION=2
    export OS_AUTH_URL=


    • <selectel_token> is the Selectel token (API key) that you received in step 1;
    • OS_AUTH_URL — the address (URL) is region and pool dependent, can be viewed in the URL list.
  3. Download the package:

    pip install -U python-selvpcclient