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View statistics on cloud server resource utilization
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View statistics on cloud server resource utilization

You can see cloud server load information in the form of graphs.

If the cloud server is turned off, metrics are not collected.

Values for all metrics are collected every 5 minutes. If you have just created a server, the first metric values for network interfaces and disks will appear in 10 minutes.

View resource utilization statistics

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.
  2. Open the server page → Statistics tab.
  3. Check out the available cloud server metrics.

Cloud server metrics in the control panel

CPUHow many percent the cloud server cores are loaded
MemoryOccupied RAM, excluding cache and operating system buffers, in gigabytes
DiskDisk load (reads and writes) in bytes or operations per second
NetworkInbound and outbound traffic in bits or packets per second

Add autoloading of VirtIO kernel modules

VirtIO drivers must be installed on the cloud server to collect statistics. In modern Linux distributions, the VirtIO drivers are installed by default.

If no metrics are collected on the cloud server, add autoloading of kernel modules.

  1. Connect to server.

  2. Open the /etc/modules file:

    nano /etc/module
  3. Add Modules:

  4. Perform a soft reboot of the server. The modules will start automatically.