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View and download a list of cloud servers
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View and download a list of cloud servers

View cloud server list is available in the control panel or through the OpenStack CLI.

You can download server-list in CSV, JSON or YAML formats.

View the list of servers

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.
  2. Open the Servers tab.

Download server list

Through the OpenStack CLI, you can only download a list of servers in the project and pool that are specified in the RC access file. The list can be downloaded in CSV, JSON or YAML formats.

The list will include the ID, name, status of the server; the network it is connected to; and the image and flavor (configuration) of the server.

  1. Open OpenStack CLI.

  2. Download the list of servers:

    openstack server list -f <file_format> > <file_name>


    • <file_format> — file format: csv, json, yaml;
    • <file_name> — name of the file on the local computer to which the list of servers will be downloaded.