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Cloud server statuses
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Cloud server statuses

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.

  2. Open the Servers tab.

  3. Look at the status in the server line.

    ACTIVEThe server is on and running
    PAUSEDServer is suspended (paused)
    (in OpenStack CLI — SHELVED_OFFLOADED)
    Server frozen
    (in OpenStack CLI — SHELVED_OFFLOADED)
    Interrupted server stopped
    SHUTOFFServer is shut down
    REBOOT_STARTEDServer is rebooting programmatically
    REBOOT_STARTED_HARDServer reboots hardware
    REBUILDINGServer is recreated
    RESCUEThe server is loaded in the Rescue and Diagnostic mode.
    ERRORA server error occurred. Rebuild server
    DELETINGServer is deleted
    DELETEDServer is deleted