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Delete cloud server
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Delete cloud server

The local boot disk is removed with the server, the network boot disk can be disconnected from the server before removal.

When you remove the server, boot disks and additional disks, if you choose to remove them, are destroyed by the cloud platform's built-in tools. Software-defined storage breaks information into a large number of blocks and stores them on different physical disks — this makes it impossible to recover information if one of the disks is physically accessed. If a physical disk fails, it connects to the service hardware. If the disk is detected, it is fully scrubbed by software, if not detected, it is decommissioned and destroyed.


Once deleted, the cloud server and its disks cannot be restored.

  1. Optional: to save data, disconnect from server network boot disk.
  2. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.
  3. From the ( ) menu of the server, select Delete Server.
  4. Optional: to delete all disks, check the Delete disks on this server checkbox.
  5. Press Delete.