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Change cloud server configuration
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Change cloud server configuration

In a cloud server, you can change configuration and the amount of computing resources:

  • select another fixed configuration line (except GPU Line);
  • change fixed configuration to arbitrary configuration (except SGX Line and GPU Line);
  • change arbitrary to fixed;
  • change the amount of resources in the current fixed or arbitrary configuration — vCPU, RAM, local disk size;
  • if the server was created with an arbitrary configuration and a network boot disk, you can add GPUs.

A cloud server configuration with a local disk cannot be changed to a configuration without a local disk and vice versa.

When you change the configuration, all data on the cloud server is saved.

Change server configuration


The cloud server will be unavailable during the configuration change.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.
  2. Open the server page → Configuration tab.
  3. Click Change Configuration.
  4. In the Configuration block, select a new configuration: fixed or arbitrary.
  5. Specify the number of resources needed.
  6. Click Save and Reload.