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Cyberduck is a file manager that supports FTP, SFTP, OpenStack Swift, and Amazon S3 protocols. Cyberduck can be operated through a graphical or console client via the S3 API.

  1. Configure access.
  2. Configure client.

1. Configure access

Access can be configured by a user with role Account Owner or User Administrator.

  1. Create a service user with a role with access to object storage, see Role Model Access for details.
  2. Issue the user an S3 key.

2. Customize the client

You can configure graphical or console-client.

Configure the graphical client

  1. Install Cyberduck client.
  2. Launch Cyberduck and click New Connection.
  3. Select the Amazon S3 profile. To work with this profile, the container must have Virtual-Hosted addressing enabled, see the Amazon S3 instructions in the Cyberduck documentation for more details.
  4. In the Server field, enter the domain, where ru-1 is the pool that hosts the object storage.
  5. In the Access Key ID field, insert the value of the Access key field from S3-key.
  6. In the Secret access key field, insert the value of the Secret key field from the S3 key.
  7. Press Connect.

Configure the console client

For more information on working with the console client, see the Command Line Interface (CLI) instructions in the Cyberduck documentation.

The Windows console version of Cyberduck is installed using the package manager Chocolatey.

  1. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.

  2. Install the Chocolatey package manager.

  3. Install Cyberduck:

    choco install duck
  4. To install all packages, type A and press Enter.

  5. Copy profile file to the profiles folder:

    • for x64 systems — C:\Program Files\Cyberduck\profiles.
    • for x86 systems — C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyberduck\profiles.

Command format for the console client

To work through the console client, use commands of the form (with Path-Style addressing):

duck --region ru-1 --username <access_key> --password <secret_key> --<command> s3://<container_name>


  • <access_key> is the value of the Access key field from S3-key;
  • <secret_key> is the value of the Secret key field from the S3 key;
  • <command> is a Cyberduck command, some commands can be seen in CLI documentation;
  • <container_name> is the name of the container.