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Managed Kubernetes cluster monitoring and logs
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Managed Kubernetes cluster monitoring and logs

In Managed Kubernetes clusters, you can monitor the state of the cluster — see cluster status and logs.

View cluster status

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformKubernetes.
  2. View the status in the cluster row → Status column.

ACTIVECluster is available
PENDING_CREATECluster is created
PENDING_ROTATE_CERTSUpdates certificates and keys for Kubernetes Control Plane
PENDING_NODE_REINSTALLOne of the nodes is reinstalled
PENDING_UPDATE_NODEGROUPNode group settings are updated
PENDING_UPGRADE_PATCH_VERSIONCluster is updated to new patchversion
PENDING_UPGRADE_MINOR_VERSIONCluster is updated to new minor version
PENDING_UPGRADE_MASTERS_CONFIGURATIONCluster master nodes are serviced
PENDING_UPGRADE_CLUSTER_CONFIGURATIONCluster master nodes are serviced and then reset.cluster master nodes are being serviced and then restarted
PENDING_RESIZECluster is scaling
MAINTENANCECluster is in maintenance mode, any scaling is unavailable
ERRORAn error occurred. Open the cluster page → tab Logs → event row → column Status. If the cause of the error is insufficient quotas in the project, increase quotas . If no reason is specified, create a ticket
PENDING_DELETECluster is deleted

View logs

The logs show actions performed on the cluster, such as creating the cluster, changing node groups, updating certificates and versions. If the request was performed automatically, for example, a scheduled certificate update, this action will also be logged.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformKubernetes.
  2. Open the cluster page → Logs tab.
  3. Look up the status in the event row → Status column.

Configure logging via Filebeat

Containers log files are located in /var/log/pods/ or /var/log/containers (link to /var/log/pods/).

Filebeat is configured to work with Docker by default. Selectel uses containerd as the container execution environment (CRI) instead of Docker.

To configure the mechanism for retrieving log metadata via Filebeat, use the configuration file:

- type: container
fields_under_root: true
- "/var/log/containers/*.log"
- add_kubernetes_metadata:
host: ${NODE_NAME}
in_cluster: true
default_matchers.enabled: false
- logs_path:
logs_path: "/var/log/containers/"