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Connect to the cluster
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Connect to the cluster

To get started with the cluster, you must configure kubectl.

For your information

We recommend that all actions with nodes, balancers and disks in the cluster be done only through kubectl.

After update certificates for system components you must reconnect to the cluster.

  1. Install the Kubernetes kubectl console client according to official instructions.

  2. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformKubernetes.

  3. Open the cluster page → Settings tab.

  4. If you are using a private kube API, check the access to it. The IP address is specified in the Kube API field.

  5. Click Download kubeconfig.

  6. Export to the KUBECONFIG environment variable the path to the kubeconfig file:

    export KUBECONFIG=<path>

    Specify <path> is the path to the kubeconfig file cluster_name.yaml.

  7. Check if the configuration is correct — access the cluster via kubectl:

    kubectl get nodes

    Nodes must be in Ready status.