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Managed Kubernetes payment and pricing model
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Managed Kubernetes payment and pricing model


To pay for computing resources of the Selectel Cloud Platform, either united balance or cloud-platform balance is used depending on the balance type in the account.

You can pay for computing resources with different types of funds: basic funds, bonuses or VK bonuses.

Before paying top-up balance.

Payment Model

The cloud platform utilizes a pay-as-you-go payment model. The balance is debited every hour for the previous hour of computing resources, and external-traffic.

All computational resources created are paid for, even if they are turned off.


For example, you have created Managed Kubernetes cluster nodes with resources: vCPU, RAM, and Local Disk. If you shut down or suspend the cluster nodes, resources will continue to be paid for every hour.

For more details on payment, please refer to Terms of Use of Selected Services: Cloud Platform Service Group.

Blocking resources if there are insufficient funds on the balance

If there are insufficient funds in the balance at the time of debit, all computing resources of the cloud platform will be automatically blocked — while continuing to be charged for them.

To regain access to resources, you must top-up by the amount owed within 14 days of blocking. The debt for resources that were charged during the blocking period will be automatically repaid. Cloud platform projects are not locked — you can delete the entire project or resources via API.

If you do not top up the balance for the amount of the debt within 14 days after the blocking, all resources of the cloud platform will be deleted. Cloud platform projects are not deleted in this case.

To ensure that you don't miss balance refills, you can set up balance notifications.

External traffic

External traffic is the inbound and outbound traffic between the public address of the cloud platform object and the public address on the Internet. The rest of the traffic refers to internal traffic.

All projects within a single cloud platform account receive 3 TB of free external traffic every month. After using the free 3TB, external traffic is paid using cloud platform payment model.

By default, basic Selectel DDoS protection is enabled for the cloud platform. Malicious filtered DDoS traffic is not counted in consumption and is not charged.

Internal traffic

Internal traffic is the inbound and outbound traffic between the public address of a Cloud Platform object and the public address of another Selectel service, such as a Dedicated Server or Object Storage.

Traffic between projects and pools in Selectel's cloud platform is also referred to as internal traffic.

There is no charge for traffic (inbound and outbound) to any other Selectel services on the Cloud Platform side.

View consumption

You can view your infrastructure cost, consumption and charges for compute resources and external traffic in dashboard under Cloud PlatformPlatform Consumption.

Current value

Present value is the amount of money that the current cloud infrastructure configuration consumes per month, day, or hour.

The current cost can be viewed in dashboard under Cloud PlatformPlatform ConsumptionCurrent Cost tab. You can see the cost of specific projects, computing resources, or pools.

Infrastructure cost data is updated every hour. In the dashboard, they are displayed 5-35 minutes later than the actual change in infrastructure and its cost. Recently deleted compute resources can continue to be displayed in the dashboard until the next data update. In this case, resources are no longer charged from the next hour after deletion.

Consumption and payment schedules

Graphs of consumption and payment of computing resources can be viewed in dashboard under Cloud PlatformPlatform ConsumptionExpense Graph tab.

You can see the consumption and payment of specific projects, computing resources or pools, and sort them by time period.

All resource locks are displayed on consumption charts and payment charts (Consumed and Paid tabs).


External and internal traffic volume and costs can be viewed in dashboard under Cloud PlatformPlatform ConsumptionExternal Traffic tab:

  • external traffic consumption for the current month;
  • details of external and internal traffic consumption for each hour for all public addresses of the account — only for the last three months. To upload the detail in .csv format, select the period and click Download CSV.


Prices for computing resources and external traffic can be viewed at Prices in pools may vary.

Calculate the cost of a Managed Kubernetes cluster in resource calculator.

Reporting documents

After payment, you can receive accounting documents.