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Migrating Redis databases to cloud databases
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Migrating Redis databases to cloud databases

You can migrate Redis databases to Selectel cloud databases.

  1. Connect to Redis. If you use a password, specify it in an environment variable:

    export REDISDUMPGO_AUTH=<password>

    Specify <password> — the password of the source cluster user.

  2. Create a dump of the source cluster using the redis_dump_go utility:

    redis-dump-go \
    -host <host> \
    -port <port> \
    > redis_backup.txt


    • <host> — IP address or DNS name of the source cluster master host;
    • <port> — port.
  3. Restore the dump to the receiving cluster:

    redis-cli \
    -a <password> \
    -h <host> \
    -p <port> \
    --tls \
    --cacert <cacert> \
    --pipe \
    < redis_backup.txt


    • <password> — password of the receiving cluster user;
    • <host> — The IP address or DNS name of the master host of the receiving cluster;
    • <port> — port;
    • <cacert> is the root certificate.