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Create PostgreSQL cluster for 1C
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Create PostgreSQL cluster for 1C

In cloud databases, you can create a PostgreSQL cluster customized specifically to work with 1C:Enterprise.

Create a cluster

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.

  2. Click Create Cluster.

  3. Enter the name of the cluster.

  4. Select region.

  5. Select pool.

  6. Select PostgreSQL version for 1C.

  7. Select node configurations:

    • fixed — configurations with different ratio of virtual processor cores, RAM and local disk;
    • arbitrary — free choice of the ratio of resources.

    The choice of configuration depends on the number of users who simultaneously work with 1C, and on the size of the information base. For example, if there are up to 50 users working in 1C at the same time, a configuration with 4 CPUs and 16 GB RAM will do. If more than 50 users, we recommend a configuration of 8 CPUs and 32 GB RAM.

  8. For a fixed configuration, select configuration ruler:

    • Standard Line;
    • HighFreq Line.
  9. Optional: check the Add Replicas checkbox and specify the number of replicas. Replicas increase the fault tolerance of the cluster.

  10. Select the type of subnet to which the cluster will be connected:

    • private subnet — a subnet without access from the Internet. You can connect a static public IP address;
    • public subnet — all addresses on the public subnet are accessible from the Internet.
  11. Select or create a subnet.

    Addresses are assigned to each node in the cluster. Make sure that the number of addresses in the subnet is not less than the number of nodes in the cluster. If you plan to increase the number of replicas after the cluster is created, select a subnet that has a stock of free addresses. Once a cluster is created, the subnet cannot be changed.

    You can limit the list of addresses from which access to the database cluster will be allowed.

  12. Optional: In a private subnet, you can connect a public IP address to a cluster node:

  13. Optional: change DBMS settings by clicking Change. We recommend that you change the setting values only when necessary — incorrect values can degrade cluster performance.

  14. Click Create Database Cluster.

  15. Create a database.

Create a database

  1. Create user — The database must have an owner user.
  2. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.
  3. Open the cluster page → Databases tab.
  4. Click Create Database.
  5. Enter the name of the database.
  6. Select the user who owns the database.
  7. Enter the character set locale (LC_CTYPE) — responsible for character classification and case differences. Once the database is created, you cannot change the locale. For more information about locales, see PostgreSQL documentation.
  8. Enter sort locale (LC_COLLATE) — determines string and character comparison settings and affects sorting. Once the database is created, you cannot change the locale.
  9. Press Create.

Connect database to 1C server

To connect a PostgreSQL database as a 1C information base, use the parameters in the form of adding an information base to 1C:Enterprise:

  • Secure Connection — Disabled;
  • The type of DBMS is PostgreSQL;
  • Database Server — <DNS-адрес мастер-ноды> port:5432;
  • Database Name — The name of the created database;
  • Database User — User Name;
  • The user password is Password.