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Connect to PostgreSQL cluster for 1C
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Connect to PostgreSQL cluster for 1C

You can connect to the PostgreSQL cloud database cluster for 1C by DNS address, private IP address and public IP address.

We recommend connecting by DNS address because the DNS addresses correspond to the node roles and lead to the actual IP addresses of the master and replicas. IP addresses correspond to specific nodes. If the master is unavailable, one of the replicas will assume its role, the master's IP address will change, and the IP connection will stop working.

If the cluster is connected to a private subnet and you want to work with it via DNS, connect cloud router-to-external-network to the cluster subnet.

If the cluster is connected to a private network and you need to configure access to the node from the Internet, connect public IP address.


Use ports to connect to PostgreSQL for 1C:

  • 5432 — port to connect directly to the PostgreSQL process for 1C;
  • 6432 is the port to connect to the master note.

Ways to connect

  • through the psql terminal client;
  • through graphical database management tools: pgAdmin or an office suite with ODBC or JDBC support;
  • from the program code.

Connection with SSL certificate is available for all methods.

View the address to connect

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.
  2. Open the Database Cluster page → Connect tab.
  3. In the Addresses to connect block, look up the address.

Connect to the cluster

psql --host=<host> \
--port=<port> \
--user=<database_user_name> \
--dbname=<database_name> \


  • <host> — DNS address of the node;
  • <port> is the port to connect to;
  • <database_user_name> is the database username;
  • <database_name> is the name of the database.