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View logs of slow queries in MySQL sync cloud databases
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View logs of slow queries in MySQL sync cloud databases

In MySQL sync cloud databases, you can view logs of slow queries and download them.

Slow queries are database queries that run longer than the time specified in the long_query_time parameter. The default value of long_query_time is two seconds — you can change the value in the DBMS settings if necessary.

In the logs you can see what the slow request looked like, its duration, when and which user made it.

Queries can be filtered by time interval, cluster nodes, and databases.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.
  2. Open the cluster page → Logs tab.
  3. Enter the time period (no more than two weeks) for which you want to display the logs.
  4. Mark the cluster and database nodes for which you want to collect logs.
  5. The list displays the first 200 queries. To see all requests for a specified time period, click Download Logs.