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Configure network access to MySQL semi-sync cluster
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Configure network access to MySQL semi-sync cluster

By default, in clusters with a public subnet, connectivity is allowed for all addresses as long as a username and password are provided.

Connections to the cluster on the private subnet are allowed from the cluster subnet and from those subnets that are connected to the cluster subnet by the cloud router.

You can restrict the list of addresses from which access to the database cluster will be allowed.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.
  2. Open the Database Cluster page → Settings tab.
  3. In the Network Access Control block, click Modify.
  4. Enter the CIDR of the subnets or IP addresses that should be allowed access to the cluster. Only IPv4 addressing is supported. All addresses other than those specified in the allowed list will not be allowed to connect.
  5. When restoring a cluster from a backup, the list of addresses will not be saved — the addresses will have to be re-entered for the new cluster.