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Create a Kafka cluster
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Create a Kafka cluster

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDatabases.

  2. Click Create Cluster.

  3. Enter the name of the cluster.

  4. Select region.

  5. Select pool.

  6. Select a version of Kafka. Once created, the version will not be able to be changed.

  7. Select node configurations:

    • fixed — configurations with different ratio of virtual processor cores, RAM and local disk;
    • arbitrary — free choice of the ratio of resources.
  8. For a fixed configuration, select configuration Line:

    • Standard Line;
    • HighFreq Line.
  9. Select the type of subnet to which the cluster will be connected:

    • private subnet — a subnet without access from the Internet;
    • public subnet — all addresses on the public subnet are accessible from the Internet.

    A public IP address cannot be used.

  10. Select or create a subnet.

    Addresses are assigned to each node in the cluster. Make sure that the number of addresses in the network is not less than the number of nodes in the cluster. Once a cluster is created, the network cannot be changed.

    You can restrict the list of addresses from which access to the database cluster will be allowed.

  11. If you selected a private subnet, specify the subnet's CIDR.

  12. If you want to use the DHCP protocol for a private subnet, enable the DHCP toggle switch. Learn more about the DHCP protocol in the Selectel blog article DHCP Protocol Principles.

  13. If you selected a public network, specify the subnet size.

  14. Optional: change DBMS settings by clicking Change. We recommend that you change the settings only when necessary — incorrect values can degrade cluster performance.

  15. Click Create Database Cluster. The cluster will be ready for operation when it moves to the ACTIVE status.