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Generate token
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Generate token

To configure access to the registries, generate a token. You can select the validity period of the token, access rights, and registries to which the token gives access.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformContainer Registry.

  2. Open the registry page.

  3. Click Registry Access.

  4. Click Token Generation.

  5. Enter the name of the token.

  6. Select access rights:

    • read-only — downloading images and charts from the registry will be available;
    • write and read — adding, downloading and deleting images and charts from the registry will be available.
  7. Select the registry to which you want to grant access. If you grant access to all registries, the token will also be valid for new registries you will create in this project.

  8. Select the validity period of the token:

    • 30 days;
    • 60 days;
    • 90 days;
    • 1 year;
    • indefinite.
  9. Click Generate Token.

  10. When the login and password are created, click Download json token.