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Download Helm Chart
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Download Helm Chart

  1. Authorize to Helm CLI.

  2. Create Helm Chart:

    helm create <chart_name>

    Specify chart_name — the name of the Helm chart.

  3. Package the Helm chart and save it locally:

    helm package <chart_name> --version <chart_version>

    Specify chart_version — the version of the Helm chart.


    Successfully packaged chart and saved it to: /<path>/<chart_name>-<chart_version>.tgz
  4. Load the Helm chart into the Container Registry:

    helm push <chart_name>-<chart_version>.tgz oci://<registry>

    Specify registry — the name of the registry to which you want to load the Helm chart.

    Helm chart will appear in the control panel, in the new repository of the specified registry. The repository is created automatically and inherits the name of the uploaded Helm chart.